It always excite us here at Stimulating Media when Google and Apple announces new devices. Be it for the web or for everyday gadget geekery. Google’s new device which launched today is the first one of its kind and is certainly worth checking out since it plugs directly to the HDMI port. The size is what makes it innovative at a mere 2-inch (specifically 72(L) x 35(W) x 12(H) mm) and built on Chrome technology running a simplified version of the OS. Just plug it to the HDMI port then connect it wirelessly through WiFi, sit back and enjoy video streaming.


There are many ways to enjoy this new device, such as streaming high-resolution content through a mobile device (iOS or Android), laptop, desktop, or by accessing apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Google Music, Pandora, and more. The device is intelligent enough to handle multitasking so that users can search for content without interrupting their on-screen viewing. Content can be queued up without stopping what people are watching.


Priced very nicely at $35 there is no reason not to get one. I myself am getting one for our bedroom TV and one for the basement TV. I already have a RokuHD and I do love it. Price wise the Chromecast ($35) won me over since it is very affordable and small enough to just leave behind the TV with no wires to worry about. The only drawback I see on the device’s design is when you want to plug it to a wall mounted TV, if you have a side panel HDMI input then this can work. If not, then you might have to think of getting an Apple TV or Roku device which are 3x the price.