We have seen numerous apps that helps us decide on color combinations. This one just took it a higher level by making it easier to use  http://color.hailpixel.com. Talk about intuitive design and simplicity and this comes to mind easily by simply moving your mouse left-right to adjust hue, by moving the mouse up-down for lightness, and by using your mouse’s scroller to adjust saturation. Once you get that perfect color you simply just hit your right click button and it is then save so you can move on to the next color to choose.


This is not just  great for web designers and graphics designers but also very useful for general design use such as wedding colors, house painting projects..etc. Easy to access (make sure to bookmark the page http://color.hailpixel.com) and the best part of it is that its FREE! Thanks to Devin Hunt for this great tool! Check out his site at http://hailpixel.com.